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Winter outerwear

Winter outerwear represented in our catalogue is notable for its original fashion design and for fitting perfectly. We offer fashion models of different styles. In our store you can buy chic and stylish coats as well as jackets of stylish cut. Women’s winter outerwear offered by us is made of serviceable fabric from Turkey, Korea and Italy. Using modern technologies our tailoring can reach the highest quality. On all stages of its tailoring the winter outerwear undergoes strict inspection that allows us to avoid the possibility of having rejected garment. Experienced fashion designers working for our company deal with model development of fashionable winter outerwear. They draw their inspiration from new collections of famous fashion designers. Our fashion designers constantly follow modern trends in fashion business. Huge experience and natural talent let us create real masterpieces being worth of fashion shows in the world Fashion Houses. Winter outerwear Winter-Fall designed by our fashion designers is distinguished by being stylish and sensible. Knowing all kinds of cutout methods they are enabled to create fashion models perfectly fitting your body.


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Айлин 2 Пальто
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Ангелина Куртка
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Анеля Куртка
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Дэнна Куртка
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Карима ИМ Куртка
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Куртка женская Ромб
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Людмила Куртка
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Мария Куртка
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Пальто Карман
1,150 грн.
Пейтон 3 Пальто
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Пейтон ИМ Куртка
1,759 грн.
Терри Куртка ИМ
1,749 грн.
я новое Пальто
1,429 грн.

Trends of fashionable outerwear Winter 2013

The most popular types of fashionable outerwear Winter 2013 are coats and jackets. The women who are eager to have a stylish and elegant look choose coats. The jackets are preferred by more active representatives of the fair sex who first of all value the sensible side in clothes. In our catalogue you can always find outerwear Winter 2012-2013 to any taste.  A huge variety of styles, fashion designs and colorings are capable of satisfying the needs of a wide range of customers. Winter outerwear tailored by our company will be a stylish and irreplaceable garment in your walk-in closet. It will secure you against any frost and wind. In such a cold season the garment production of our company is an indispensable part of any woman’s walk-in closet. In the NUI VERY on-line store you will definitely select a suitable coat or jacket. You are welcome to select and purchase a coat made of padding, polyester batting, silicone material in our stores. Wearing them you will feel warm even in very cold weather. If a frosty season came, jackets and sheepskin coats represented in our catalogue will not only warm you up, but will make you look stylish and original. Nowadays it’s quite easy to buy winter outerwear in Ukraine, especially if you do it in our stores. We offer you fashionable outerwear Winter 2013 for women, teenagers and children. We have established favorable business terms for wholesale customers. We are ready to process your order right now! Our wholesale outerwear is created just for you.